Student Testimonials: Elan Boehme

GetAttachment[3]At My Special School we went to see Michael Katz tell stories. Also she took us to the theater.

Sometimes at lunch, we said that trees were on “time out” for putting leaves in our lunch boxes. Now I don’t like that, because I love trees a lot.

Alice read us stories and took us different places, we could go across the street, we could do anything!

Elan Boehme, 6 yrs.

January 2013

Student Testimonial: Ella Boehme

photo (1)I liked that Alice had a dog and a turtle. Ty was a really nice dog to kids. He would always eat the pear cores when Alice cored the pears. Ty died and we were sad, we looked at his picture. Leilani, the grey cat, would play in the drips in the showers. She would sleep with kids at nap time. I’m glad I met good friends at that school.

I liked helping Alice sweep the side yard. We went to Garden Court and visited Grandma Mary. She gave us chocolate kisses. Alice made me feel happy and cozy. It wasn’t a big school, it was a house.

Ella Boehme, 10 yrs.
january 2013

Parent Testimonial: Kristen & Michael Long

When I first visited Alice’s school on a photography assignment, I was newly married and children were a far-off thought. That day, I was so struck with the magic that she worked with the children, I remember going home afterward and telling my husband, “When we have kids, I want them to go to Alice’s.”

When our first daughter was born, there was no question of where she would go, and two years later there we were at her first day of school at My Special School. Most kids cry the first time you drop them off at school, Alice told us, not to worry — but when we dropped our daughter off, she didn’t even look back, as she was welcomed immediately into a game with the other kids! (We have always been so impressed by the inclusiveness and lack of cliquishness that Alice cultivates in her kids.) No tears. Instead, she cried when we picked her up — she wanted to stay with her new friends and Miss Alice!

Thanks to her year at My Special School, at “almost-3” our daughter has learned her letters and numbers, how to dress herself, how to use the potty, developed excellent manners, learned how to share and how to handle conflict, and has formed strong friendships and a wonderful sense of self. She has also turned into a kind and giving big sister who loves to dote on “her baby”! We can’t imagine a better place for her to be, and recommend Alice many times over.

Kristen & Michael Long
January, 2013

Student Testimonial: Sadia Halpern

SadiaIt’s fun there!

You teach us really good stuff

You let us have very cosy naps

You are a very good teacher

You read us good books sometimes

Sydney is a good dog. She licks us a lot and whenever we come in she runs around and she wags her tail and licks us and plays with us!

The playground is good. The scooters are fun.

I learned the days of the week.

I learned Yoga and Qigong.

And Alice taught us how to go to the bathroom!

Sadia Halpern, 6 1/4 years
January 2013

Student Testimonial: Colby Noakes

(A framed gift from Colby at Graduation)

What is an Alice?
“Someone who I spend lots of time with.”

What does she do?
“She uses her gift from God to teach kids.”

What’s the best thing she does?
“She lets me spend the night.”

What does she look like?
“She has green eyes and wears dolphins because she loves dolphins.”

What will you miss about Alice?
“Her voice because it’s very special and she makes me feel special.”

Colby Noakes, 5 3/4 yrs.
September 1998

Teacher Testimonial: Al Keys, M.A.

Alice, you have brought a calm and level of comfort that is critical to parents…. This is priceless! I can tell you from experience that 35 years later you will have parents and students walking up to you and telling you how incredible their time was with you, if you are like me… You will be in tears by the time they finish telling you the depth of meaning their time was with you… Things they don’t even know now until they are exposed to the bigger world and then compare, from their experience, how unique and powerful their time with you was! It will last with them for life! (A fact)

Al Keys, M.A.
Montessori Teacher Trainer
Montessori School Director/Owner 20+years
Child Development Specialist
Marriage and Family Therapist

Student Testimonial: McKenzie “Tookie” Baker

MSS Alumna TookieKids should go to My Special School because it is lots of fun and you get to play a lot, learn a lot about school and animals, and most of all I liked the friends I made and the Graduation Sleepover.

Mckenzie “Tookie” Baker, 9 yrs.
January, 2013

Parent Testimonial: Amy & Matt Zuchowicz

My Special School Preschool offered our daughter Alegra a safe environment to explore and grow due to the small group setting and the individual attention each child received due to their particular needs. Our daughter, who is shy by nature, learned to find a strong voice and to gain confidence in a group setting. As we are educators by trade (Teacher and Principal), we knew how imperative it was for Alegra to have a solid educational foundation in a Preschool. During the time Alegra was with Alice, we were always very pleased by the education she received. Alice was always very kind, loving, and caring, yet she also balanced this with consistent high expectations of the children. We would highly recommend Alice Tropper and My Special School for a strong educational foundation for your preschooler.

Amy and Matt Zuchowicz
August, 2005

Parent Testimonial: Susie & Ruben Lopez

Anna blossomed under your care and guidance and enjoyed every moment of her time with you and the other children in her class. You so firmly but gently ushered her (and us!) through those early years in a way that reassured us all, and made it so the experience and growing pains were as easy and pleasant as possible. Anna learned not only a very solid educational foundation, and had such wonderful tastes of Yoga, Dance, etc. but learned the more important skills of kindness, honesty, patience and to use and trust her voice and feelings. We are all so grateful for the wonderful experiences we had with you Alice, and know that you will always have a special place in our hearts!

Susie and Ruben Lopez
March, 2012

Teacher Testimonial: Michael Katz

In 1990 when I got started in my profession of telling stories to children, My Special School hired me to tell to their students. It was one of the first schools that saw the value in the Arts and teaching children how to listen. As my friends started their own families, sure enough, most of their children were enrolled in My Special School, and over and over again I heard wonderful reviews.

Michael Katz