Parent Testimonial: Alisa Gregory & Grant Cunningham

Dear Miss Alice,

I can’t believe our time with you is finally coming to a close. These past four years you have cared for our two “babies” and provided us with such sound advice and support that we will appreciate (and call on) until the end of time. Thank you for teaching our girls to think for themselves, be kind to their friends, love the elderly and our furry friends, and to always have PEACE in their hearts. We will miss you, but will always think of you with such warm affection. You mean more to us than you will ever know!

Much Love,

Alisa Gregory & Grant Cunningham

Banksia & Millie


Parent Testimonial: Miriam & Arthur Cislo

We are so glad we found this little Gem of a preschool. Miss Alice has a vast knowledge of child development and makes learning fun for the kids. Her activities helped our son become an early reader and transition with ease to a private school. More importantly, He learned kindness, empathy and love for not only his peers but also animals and nature at My Special School. Miss Alice also provided a safe environment for him to increase language when he had difficulties in communicating his needs. She was open to working with us and specialist in providing the most productive environment for our son. We cannot be more happy with our experience at My Special School.

Miriam & Arthur Cislo


Parent Testimonial: Shana Lauer

Dear Alice,

We both want to thank you for “My Special School”. We brought Amelia to your school when she was 2 years old, and the whole family couldn’t have been happier. It was a huge relief knowing she was in a caring, loving, learning environment. We were especially impressed by all the fun activities the kids were able to participate in – like yoga classes, dance, music and others. Sometimes I wished I could spend a peaceful day at My Special School! Amelia thrived in your school, made great friends and had years of wonderful experiences. We appreciated all the pictures and notes about her daily adventures and progress. We especially appreciated your advice and help when we had behavior issues at home. You were always able to talk to her (and us) and help us solve the problems that came up in a caring and effective way.

We also gravitated to your school because it is small and gave us a strong feeling of community. I was always happy to drop Amelia off on my way to work knowing she was in the best possible care. We even hired one of your alumni as a baby sitter and can only hope Amelia grows up to be as kind, fun, and responsible. You helped teach Amelia personal responsibility, care and consideration for animals, and to care for her friends and peers. And of course as Amelia has now moved on to TK and soon Kindergarten she completely surprised and impressed her teacher with her skills in her incoming assessments.

Thanks again Alice for your years of dedication, for sharing your time, your home and your love with our dear daughter.

With gratitude and love,

Lee, Shana, Amelia


Parent Testimonial: Ben Halpern & Kim Selkoe

After nearly 8 years of knowing Alice and having her care for our two kids, our
youngest has graduated from My Special School, bringing an end to our excuse to
visit Alice each day. It is truly the end of an era for us, a moment marked with
sadness at the loss of the daily role Alice played in helping raise our children an
with joy and wonderment at the growth of our kids under her care. Our two children
were different in many ways, yet Alice seamlessly adapted and applied her loving,
thoughtful and insightful mentorship to each. Her influence will forever be felt in
our family, and Miss Alice will always hold a special place in the hearts and minds of
our kids. Thank you Alice for everything you have done to support our family.



Winona graduates MSS!

Miss Alice,

We can’t believe this time has come! Winona is going to miss you and Tootsie, Leilani, and Yenta so much. Thank you for all you have done to teach her in such a well-rounded way. You have played an integral part in who she is and will become.

The Thomsons


Parent Testimonial: Jessica Plackis

Alice has a wonderful knowledge of children and their needs. She always has planned activities and field trips the children love.  Alice taught my children good boundaries and respect for others, and she communicates well with parents.

Thanks for all you do Alice! You gave my twin boys, now 16yrs old, a wonderful foundation for their Academic life. You have done so much for the boys and myself.

Thank you,



Giulia graduates MSS!


You have all our gratitude for the many years of love and support for our family. It has been a wonderful 5 years and we look forward to being neighbors and Alumni!

Much love to you,

The Gislimbertis

July 2014



Aria graduates MSS!

Dear Alice,

Words can not really express our deepest love and appreciation for your presence in both Aria and our lives.  I feel like you have become a dear friend and a true mentor to all of us.  We certainly plan on staying in touch so expect updates, phone calls, and emails as Aria starts her Kindergarten.


Erin, Matt, & Aria Bonski-Evans

August 2013

Parent Testimonial: Erin Bonski & Matt Evans

When we came to My Special School, we were searching for a small and safe place for our daughter to play, grow and learn.  We were passionate about Montessori, and while we had looked around at other options, we just didn’t feel like anything was the right fit.  I still remember the day we walked into My Special School.  It was so warm and inviting.  Soft music was playing, the room was well-organized, and there was Alice, with a big smile on her face.  We took our shoes off, and after playing with Montessori games and talking with Alice, neither my daughter nor I wanted to leave.

In the two years our daughter was there, she learned so much about peace, community and cooperation, and she came home amazed at the world around her.  Alice has a special knack for cultivating compassion and respect, and she is attune to the needs and learning style of each child.  The specialists she brings in are unsurpassable in their keen ability to work with the preschoolers. From Drama and Music to Yoga and Qigong, from learning to coordinate large and fine motor skills to caring for animals and the earth, there really is no better name for such a wonderful little world of learning.

My Special School has it all, and we feel blessed to have had Alice in our lives.



Evan Fontana, MSS Alumnus

GetAttachment[4]Evan, now 26 yrs. old, lives in a group home in San Ramon, California.  His health is pretty good.  We struggle with keeping his weight down.  His expressive communication is minimal.  He understands quite a lot.  He speaks 2-3 word sentences such as “I like…” or “I want…”.  He does still have challenging behaviors at times if he gets upset with people annoying him, or too much noise/chaos.

Evan goes to a day program in Dublin.  At the day program they do morning exercise, karaoke, computer time, outings to the park, movies, bowling and play basketball too.  He enjoys his buddies at the day program.

GetAttachment[2]We spend every Sunday together, and I take him to play baseball.  He plays Challenger Baseball every year from March-June.  Evan loves music and dancing, movies, video games, his iPad, and watching Power Rangers videos.  He likes his small dog “Booger” to sit in his lap, and pet him.  Evan loves to dress up!  He would love it if every day was Halloween!

Thank you so much Alice for what you did for Evan.

It was wonderful for Evan to be in a loving environment

where he was not a “special needs” child but special

just like all the other kids.