The Peace Project

The Peace ProjectThe Peace Project was born on September 21, 2011, the day known as International Day of Peace. Peace Day, as we call it at My Special School, is a big day of celebration as it is the foundation of our belief and practiced daily in every moment. We wear our Peace shirts, read books about Peace, and give and receive extra love all day long! During the day I asked each child individually “What is Peace?” The idea was sparked to write a Peace book with the children’s quotes along with each child’s choice of a beautiful Peace sign to accompany their Peace quote. Since then it has grown by reaching out to My Special School Alumni of all ages and asking that all important question “What is Peace?” From the very simple and honest to the very thought provoking and touching, My Special School’s Peace Project will warm your heart and help you remember what is important.

Sunflowers: The Symbol of Peace

What is Peace?

“Peace is curling up beside the fireplace in your heart.”

Jenna, 22 yrs.

“Peace is connecting. Connecting with people, animals, plants, beings, world. Yes, it is connecting with…”

Liam, 12 yrs.

“Peace is when everyone is happy-has shelter, food and family, and friends.”

Aidan, 10 yrs.

“When I think of peace, I think of a river with no pollution, with soft moss and fish and rocks, trees, sand and quietness. Peace is no fighting, no war. The world would be much nicer without fights, it would look happy. That’s what peace means to me. I think of a flower or plants, because plants don’t fight with one another, they stand and they are happy.”

Ella, 9 yrs.

“Peace is like peace and quiet in your bed. Sleeping at night and being quiet. Peaceful that’s happiness, like a butterfly being quiet. It’s also like when you’re sitting on a soft chair holding a quiet feather or being in a little tent by yourself.”

Elan, 4 3/4 yrs.

“Peace is harmony and kindness.”

Jazz, 10 yrs.

“Peace is quiet, love, rest and beauty.”

Morgan, 10 yrs.

“Peace means you would not want a war.
Peace is meditating all by yourself.
Peace is being calm inside when people are bothering you or being unkind.
Peace is what you have when you choose to not be unkind.
This is what I think Peace is.”

Bella, 7 3/4 yrs.

“Peace is the result of mutual understanding. It happens when we recognize that what we have in common runs far deeper than the things that set us apart. It can only come about if we choose to look at the other and recognize ourselves.”

Will, 20 3/4 yrs.

“Peace is snuggling with my kitten Mittens, and wearing Steve Madden boots”

Alegra, 13 yrs.

“Peace…it’s something a hippie would say.”

Oliver, 10 yrs.

“Peace is something I can’t explain. Reading is peaceful. My dog makes me feel peaceful. Peace is playing and celebrating and being happy.”

Sophia, 8 1/2 yrs.

“Graceful unity.”

Adrienne, 11 yrs.

“It’s hard to describe peace. Peace is the opposite of war. Peace is relaxation. Peace is something you can feel. Peace is the only thing that can make you happy.”

Dylan, 8 yrs.

“Peace is harmony between countries and everything. Peace is no war and no fighting.”

Skye, 9 3/4 yrs.

“Peace is a state of mind. You can make the choice to be peaceful every day.”

Emma, 13 yrs.

“Peace is kindness, love and serenity in your heart.”

Asher, 9 3/4 yrs.

“Peace is a state of harmony where crime and dishonor is common sense to avoid.”

Austin, 15 yrs.

(said with a cheeky grin) “When there’s no one yelling in class.”

Izabell, 10 yrs.

“Peace is very loving.”

Sadia, 4 3/4 yrs.

” Peace is loving and caring.”

Anna, 5 1/4 yrs.

“I recieve peacefulness and peace of mind when I follow God. Peace is that feeling thats so much better then being happy, its a happy, relaxed, “convinced everythings fine” feeling.”

Dayna, 17 yrs.

“Peace is Love.”

Fia, 5 1/2 yrs.

“Peace is quiet and happy.”

Aria, 3 yrs.

“Peace is peaceful and quiet, love is good.”

Illiana, 4 yrs.

“It’s a sign that goes there and then down and in a circle. It means Love and Peace. Peace means caring for other people, and people who died.”

Dalton, 4 yrs.

“To me peace is knowing who you are and accepting yourself.”

Lauren, 17 yrs.

“Peace means nice and calm, and we share and care about people.”

Roman, 4 yrs.

“Peace is the wind in my ears when I’m riding my horse.”

Liam, 12 yrs.

“Kindness to others.”

Tookie, 8 yrs.

“Peace is not war. Peace is when brothers don’t kill brothers, families don’t kill families, and countries don’t kill countries.”

Sean, 14 yrs.

“Peace is… time and space for each of us; love and kindness for all of us.”

Erika, 31 yrs.

“Peace is respecting and caring for everyone and everything.”

Jaia, 10 yrs.

“Peace for me would be a sunny day on Butterfly beach and I can’t smell cigarette smoke. Everyone is quiet and minds his or her own business and everyone is content with that.”

Colby, 20 yrs.

“Not hate, love.”

Danny, 14 yrs.

“Love and thank yous.”

Giulia, 3 1/2 yrs.

“What I think PEACE means to me is kindness. Helping people out when they are hurt, don’t be greety, don’t argue over something that’s not worth it. Just let it go and make peace throughout the world. Together we can make the world a better place.”

Rio, 10 yrs.

“Peace means harmony and justice.”

Roman, 7 yrs.

“Peace is love.”

Giulia, 5 1/2 yrs.

“Peace means that if you be kind to other people you will be happy. I am a Peace Maker.”

Cate, 4 1/2yrs.

“Peace is love and giving love.”

Max, 3 yrs.