Parent Testimonial: Shana Lauer

Dear Alice,

We both want to thank you for “My Special School”. We brought Amelia to your school when she was 2 years old, and the whole family couldn’t have been happier. It was a huge relief knowing she was in a caring, loving, learning environment. We were especially impressed by all the fun activities the kids were able to participate in – like yoga classes, dance, music and others. Sometimes I wished I could spend a peaceful day at My Special School! Amelia thrived in your school, made great friends and had years of wonderful experiences. We appreciated all the pictures and notes about her daily adventures and progress. We especially appreciated your advice and help when we had behavior issues at home. You were always able to talk to her (and us) and help us solve the problems that came up in a caring and effective way.

We also gravitated to your school because it is small and gave us a strong feeling of community. I was always happy to drop Amelia off on my way to work knowing she was in the best possible care. We even hired one of your alumni as a baby sitter and can only hope Amelia grows up to be as kind, fun, and responsible. You helped teach Amelia personal responsibility, care and consideration for animals, and to care for her friends and peers. And of course as Amelia has now moved on to TK and soon Kindergarten she completely surprised and impressed her teacher with her skills in her incoming assessments.

Thanks again Alice for your years of dedication, for sharing your time, your home and your love with our dear daughter.

With gratitude and love,

Lee, Shana, Amelia