Student Testimonial: Emma Semonsen


*Emma attends Santa Barbara Middle School and chose to work at My Special School during “Career Studies Week”. This is a letter I received from Emma after spending a full week with the kids and I.

Dear Alice,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Thank you so so much for letting me be a part of your Preschool and these kids’ lives! I loved them from the beginning and I am so looking forward to babysitting them in the future.

Your Preschool is amazing! I love the fact that you have animals for the kids to interact with and you teach them skills that they can use in their everyday lives no matter what age they are. You engage their brains and really make them think and solve problems on their own. When you were explaining the “behind the scenes/brains” it really got me thinking too. The way that you step back and let them figure things out on their own is amazing to watch.

Your inside knowledge on how their brains work and what ways each child will excel most is astonishing. When they each told me what they were working on it blew me away. It was amazing that with a little of your help they could realize what to improve on and how to do it. It changed my perspective on how their minds work and what they are thinking. I was amazed when Giulia told me my name and my age! Not only do they learn lifelong lessons but they learn at an early age that they don’t have to always rely on other people to get what they want.

You are truly amazing! I love you, your house (especially the smell), your animal companions, and being with all of you. No parent could ask for a better place to send their little loves to begin their learning experience. Your Preschool is a home away from home to them now and it will be for the rest of their lives (it definitely is for me).

I feel that I really learned how to run a Preschool, but I learned so much more! I love you, Sydney,Yenta, Leilani, Ty, the Dolphins and especially the kids! Again thank you so much for this wonderful experience!

Love always,

Emma Frances Semonsen~ 14 yrs.
November 2011

Student Testimonial: Katie Nulty

photoDear Alice,

You are a good teacher and friend.  I am going to miss you a whole bunch!  I love you.

Katie Nulty – 5 yrs.
August 1991

Student Testimonial: Cassidy Davis

1425612_10152004775122356_425013694_n[1]For the world’s greatest Teacher,

Thank you Alice Tropper for such a great start in my life! I love you!

Cassidy Davis – 5yrs.

Student Testimonial: Fia Torrey

Fia TorreyI liked My Special School because we got to go on a lot of field trips and I liked mystery Fridays.

My favorite part was the morning because you got to draw and play with Legos while you were waiting for everyone else.

Miss Alice is a nice, nice teacher and I liked when she read us books.

I learned about peace, love and how to tie my shoes.


Student Testimonials: Elan Boehme

GetAttachment[3]At My Special School we went to see Michael Katz tell stories. Also she took us to the theater.

Sometimes at lunch, we said that trees were on “time out” for putting leaves in our lunch boxes. Now I don’t like that, because I love trees a lot.

Alice read us stories and took us different places, we could go across the street, we could do anything!

Elan Boehme, 6 yrs.

January 2013

Student Testimonial: Ella Boehme

photo (1)I liked that Alice had a dog and a turtle. Ty was a really nice dog to kids. He would always eat the pear cores when Alice cored the pears. Ty died and we were sad, we looked at his picture. Leilani, the grey cat, would play in the drips in the showers. She would sleep with kids at nap time. I’m glad I met good friends at that school.

I liked helping Alice sweep the side yard. We went to Garden Court and visited Grandma Mary. She gave us chocolate kisses. Alice made me feel happy and cozy. It wasn’t a big school, it was a house.

Ella Boehme, 10 yrs.
january 2013

Student Testimonial: Sadia Halpern

SadiaIt’s fun there!

You teach us really good stuff

You let us have very cosy naps

You are a very good teacher

You read us good books sometimes

Sydney is a good dog. She licks us a lot and whenever we come in she runs around and she wags her tail and licks us and plays with us!

The playground is good. The scooters are fun.

I learned the days of the week.

I learned Yoga and Qigong.

And Alice taught us how to go to the bathroom!

Sadia Halpern, 6 1/4 years
January 2013

Student Testimonial: Colby Noakes

(A framed gift from Colby at Graduation)

What is an Alice?
“Someone who I spend lots of time with.”

What does she do?
“She uses her gift from God to teach kids.”

What’s the best thing she does?
“She lets me spend the night.”

What does she look like?
“She has green eyes and wears dolphins because she loves dolphins.”

What will you miss about Alice?
“Her voice because it’s very special and she makes me feel special.”

Colby Noakes, 5 3/4 yrs.
September 1998

Student Testimonial: McKenzie “Tookie” Baker

MSS Alumna TookieKids should go to My Special School because it is lots of fun and you get to play a lot, learn a lot about school and animals, and most of all I liked the friends I made and the Graduation Sleepover.

Mckenzie “Tookie” Baker, 9 yrs.
January, 2013