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In our classes we breathe, we stretch, we focus, and have fun doing it all!Yoga With Indra

As we concentrate on essential breathing exercises, bringing our awareness to grounding and calming, and go through some basic yoga poses and sequences, we let our bodies and minds stretch and become stronger, calmer, more focused, more flexible and grounded, and we also learn the much needed relaxation skills.

We include some fun yoga games in our non-competitive, creative yoga class: we let our imagination soar as we give colors to our yoga butterflies (as we sit in the butterfly poses), and name our yoga trees (as we stand in our tree poses).

Yoga With IndraYoga is an adventure that gives us all — children and adults alike — an opportunity — the place, the time and the permission — to be who we truly are. Yoga is… for everyone!

I am so happy to be working with Miss Alice and My Special School little yogis and yoginis — their ability to focus is outstanding and their will to do the best they can is inspiring!

Namaste, Indra