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Hello! My name is Dr. Herb Coverdale, or as my Qigong practitioners call me Dr. Herb, or as my Preschool practitioners call me “Dr. H.” I am a Qigong Master, or Sifu (instructor), having practiced and instructed this Chinese Art and Science for many decades.

Qigong (the romanticized) or Chi Kung means “cultivating vital energy” in Chinese. The focus of the practice is on enhancing health and well-being by:

  1. Breathing properly from the abdomen
  2. Relaxing the mind
  3. Moving slowly and thereby increasing the quality & quantity of vital energy (Chi or Qi)

QigongSince my Doctoral degree is in Psychology, the mind-body relationship has always intrigued me. The area of PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology) is a fascinating area of inquiry and discovery. In my practice I integrate theory of the East (Asia) with theory of the West (America).

There are many styles of Qigong. At My Special School we practice the “Wuji” style which includes:

  1. A standing posture
  2. Rapid discarding movements (i.e. arm swings) of stagnant or old “Chi”
  3. Slow movement to cultivate fresh “Chi”


With the Preschoolers this takes about 30-45 minutes. We intersperse a bit of humor in the practice by giving the Mudras or postures funny names that are easy to remember!

The benefits of Qigong for the Preschoolers of My Special School are many. The Qigong Practice:

  1. Helps the children to relax
  2. Gets children to focus and concentrate
  3. Enhances coordination
  4. Encourages children to mimic postures
  5. Highlights the importance of breathing and health (feeling good)
  6. Focus on listening, not talking
  7. Decreases frequency of impulsive behavior
  8. Increases clear thinking
  9. Enhances short term memory
  10. Increases self confidence

The year 2013 represents 10 yrs. of Qigong practice with Alice’s My Special School Preschool Wuji-style practitioners. I am honored to be trusted and appreciated by the children who take pride in their Qigong practice!

“Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart.”

Dr. Herb Coverdale, M.S., PhD