Intergenerational Activities

Please note: Some activities and outings have been temporarily postponed due to COVID. We will resume once it is safe to do so!

Garden Court ResidentsAs the Resident Services Director at Garden Court, I always felt that it was important to have intergenerational activities for our senior residents. Alice and the students of My Special School were my first attempt at this in 2001 and they have been coming on a weekly basis ever since!

The regular visits provide continuity, allowing the “grandmas” and “grandpas” to get to know the kids and look forward to their weekly visits. Even residents who don’t interact directly by reading a story or having lunch with the kids, gravitate to the Living Room to soak up some “kid energy”. The students are well-behaved, respectful and very interactive.

GardenCourt-WTWTAIn addition to their weekly interactions, the students also share what they have learned in their other activities, such as giving a Qigong demonstration, a Creative Movement performance, a Yoga demonstration or Drama performance. Parents as well as residents make up the enthusiastic audience.

Over the 10 years that I worked at Garden Court, I grew to know and love so many of Alice’s students. I am constantly impressed with her patience and her ability to mesh diverse personalities, while celebrating the uniqueness of each child.

The blend of kindness, compassion and professionalism make My Special School a winner in my book!

MSS Alumna Seana and "Granny" Frannie reunited after 6 years! August, 2011

MSS Alumna Seana and “Granny” Frannie reunited after 6 years! August, 2011

Sandy Smith
Resident Services Director
Garden Court