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Drama Masks

“Throughout my life the Arts have always been my access to creativity, communication and community and my life’s work has compelled me to offer this possibility to others; both young and old.”
– Michelle A. Osborne

ClowningDrama with Miche offers the children the opportunity to explore the creative process and nurture creative expression in a playful, non-threatening manner. Michelle is passionate about children, education, the Arts, and creating opportunities that build and nurture social interactions, exchanges and shared experiences that reveal and lift our humanity.

Michelle models respect, enthusiasm, encouragement, and wonder for the dramatic art form. She guides the exploration and the discovery of who, what, and where of a character by using breath, movement, sound, and imagery. Playing with animal motifs, storybook characters, simple but creative costuming, hand puppets, face paint, small hand-held props and the natural environment of a playing space (whether indoors or outdoors). Michelle employs the use of theater games, sensory awareness, vocalization and music to explore the qualities of the imagination. The role of audience members and performers is introduced early on and by splitting the group into “players” and “audience”, these two different theatrical participants reveal their equal importance to the art form of storytelling and play-acting. Michelle offers My Special School a magical theater experience.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to work and play with the beautiful people at My Special School.