Teacher Testimonial: Indra Strong

“My Special School”, led by the skilled expert in the field — Miss Alice, has given the children, their parents and their teachers alike an opportunity to grow, learn and … BE: be kind, be caring, be polite, be resourceful, be patient, be loving, be responsible and be … yourself, and just be.

As a yoga teacher I found it comforting and encouraging to teach my classes in the environment of acceptance and kindness, yet filled with focus and responsibility.  On numerous occasions I noticed that the children at this pre-school were more focused and able to follow the instructions better that the ones in many other preschools, and even elementary schools  where I taught —  I do attribute this phenomenon to the skills and experience of Miss Alice, and the Montessori inspired environment for the kids.

I’ve had the honor to teach yoga to “My Special School” children for more than 6 years. And without sounding too stereotyped I want to admit that they (my little yogis and yoginis together with Miss Alice) have taught me a lot about myself and about yoga, too! I am thankful.

Keep spreading the love and peace! Namaste.

With gratitude,

Indra Strong, RYT
January 2014

Teacher Testimonial: Al Keys, M.A.

Alice, you have brought a calm and level of comfort that is critical to parents…. This is priceless! I can tell you from experience that 35 years later you will have parents and students walking up to you and telling you how incredible their time was with you, if you are like me… You will be in tears by the time they finish telling you the depth of meaning their time was with you… Things they don’t even know now until they are exposed to the bigger world and then compare, from their experience, how unique and powerful their time with you was! It will last with them for life! (A fact)

Al Keys, M.A.
Montessori Teacher Trainer
Montessori School Director/Owner 20+years
Child Development Specialist
Marriage and Family Therapist

Teacher Testimonial: Michael Katz

In 1990 when I got started in my profession of telling stories to children, My Special School hired me to tell to their students. It was one of the first schools that saw the value in the Arts and teaching children how to listen. As my friends started their own families, sure enough, most of their children were enrolled in My Special School, and over and over again I heard wonderful reviews.

Michael Katz

Teacher Testimonial: Susan Jackson

My first encounter with Alice Tropper and her children from “My Special School” was in 1990 while co-directing the “Children’s Performing Arts Workshop” at The Music Academy of the West in Montecito. It was here that I learned that this woman who loved dolphins and the ocean, also, was interested in making certain that her children’s imaginations had an opportunity to grow and expand. At the workshop, we encouraged the children to explore and create their own characters and stories to share with each other in a spontaneous fashion and Alice was right there cheering them on. It was later on that I had the opportunity to teach Creative Drama at her school weekly for almost 17 years. During this time I recognized how deeply she cared about empowering her children through play acting, and sharing their own original characters and stories for families and friends through many school performances.

Susan Jackson
Actress/Children’s Drama Specialist

Teacher Testimonial: Wendy Kanter

Alice has created a truly nurturing and inspiring learning environment in which young children may explore, be creative, and grow. Children are interacting with quality materials within a balanced and well thought out preschool program, even going out into the community for more learning opportunities. At the same time, they are interacting with Alice who is an extremely loving and gifted teacher, as well as each other to build meaningful relationships and learn essential and valuable social skills. Overall, her children are learning fundamental skills to lay a strong and solid foundation for whatever comes next. I have taught Kindergarten for more than 20 years and have had several of Alice’s former students in my class. They have all been delightful and very well prepared for the transition to Kindergarten.

Wendy Kanter
Kindergarten Teacher & Co-Founder
Santa Barbara Charter School