Evan Fontana, MSS Alumnus

GetAttachment[4]Evan, now 26 yrs. old, lives in a group home in San Ramon, California.  His health is pretty good.  We struggle with keeping his weight down.  His expressive communication is minimal.  He understands quite a lot.  He speaks 2-3 word sentences such as “I like…” or “I want…”.  He does still have challenging behaviors at times if he gets upset with people annoying him, or too much noise/chaos.

Evan goes to a day program in Dublin.  At the day program they do morning exercise, karaoke, computer time, outings to the park, movies, bowling and play basketball too.  He enjoys his buddies at the day program.

GetAttachment[2]We spend every Sunday together, and I take him to play baseball.  He plays Challenger Baseball every year from March-June.  Evan loves music and dancing, movies, video games, his iPad, and watching Power Rangers videos.  He likes his small dog “Booger” to sit in his lap, and pet him.  Evan loves to dress up!  He would love it if every day was Halloween!

Thank you so much Alice for what you did for Evan.

It was wonderful for Evan to be in a loving environment

where he was not a “special needs” child but special

just like all the other kids.