Teacher Testimonial: Susan Jackson

My first encounter with Alice Tropper and her children from “My Special School”¬†was in 1990 while co-directing the “Children’s Performing Arts Workshop” at The Music Academy of the West in Montecito. It was here that I learned that this woman who loved dolphins and the ocean, also, was interested in making certain that her children’s imaginations had an opportunity to grow and expand. At the workshop, we encouraged the children to explore and create their own characters and stories to share with each other in a spontaneous fashion and Alice was right there cheering them on. It was later on that I had the opportunity to teach Creative Drama at her school weekly for almost 17 years. During this time I recognized how deeply she cared about empowering her children through play acting, and sharing their own original characters and stories for families and friends through many school performances.

Susan Jackson
Actress/Children’s Drama Specialist