Elan Boehme, MSS Alumnus

GetAttachment[3]Élan is 6 yrs. old, a competent bird watcher and can identify a wide array of edible and native plants. He loves to find animal tracks in the mud, helping acorn woodpeckers put acorns in the tree bark, digging out gopher tunnels that journey for yards and yards, and climbing trees to sit quietly. He is currently attending kindergarten at Wild Roots Forest school where he investigates our natural world daily and is very happy. Élan loves to take care of his chickens (4 hens). He likes to play piano and can play by hear, humming songs he has heard. He helps cook and bake with his family almost every night and gets much pleasure out of vacuuming the living room- mom also loves this!

Élan enjoyed My Special School and the great value of caring for himself and others, including plants and animals, which has given him confidence and enthusiasm in life. Also he has a great sense of humor and a contagious laugh!

Erin & Ethan Boehme

January 2013