Jack Baker, MSS Alumnus

Jack_Baker[1]Jack is now 18 yrs. old, graduating in June 2014. Mostly all A’s, a couple B’s here and there.

  • He is Senior Captain of the SB High Dons boys basketball team.
  • He is the Team’s  leading scorer and will be First Team All League again this year, he was last year as a Junior also, rare.
  • He has been accepted at Arizona State University and the University of Arizona.
  • He is waiting to hear back from University of Oregon and Washington State University.
  • He is strongly leaning towards University of Arizona, they have a strong Sports Management program which he thinks he would like to pursue.
  • He is 6′ 5″ tall, ready and anxious to go off to college.

All his teachers and administrators at Santa Barbara High love him and tell us what a great kid he is…it all started at MSS.