Marisa Krystian, MSS Alumna

Marisa KrystianYou know how they say ‘It takes a village’? Well, raising me was no easy task. I grew up in Santa Barbara, under the watchful eye of my parents and Alice. I loved theater, dance, and music. In Junior High I developed a passion for science. I began working at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, where I stayed until I went off to college 🙂 In high school I danced with the Santa Barbara Jazz Dance Academy, sang with the Nightingales, and was the captain of my schools colorguard team. I graduated and went on to study biology at Cal Poly (SLO). After a fateful summer spent studying in San Diego I realized I wanted to change my major to Broadcast Journalism. Now I live in New York City and work as a reporter for a global news site called the ‘International Business Times.’ I also anchor a weekly online insurance program with ‘World Risk & Insurance News.’ Growing up is tough, and life can turn on a dime, but boy is it fun. I know for a fact I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Alice Tropper, the woman who taught an unruly kid how to respect others, listen, and even eat a few healthy snacks 😉

Marisa Krystian, 26 yrs.
December, 2012