Parent Testimonial: Kristin Anderson & Arie Jan van der Bom

I first heard about Alice Tropper in a story that sounded more like fiction than reality. This special lady only took six children and they would follow her around the neighborhood all in a row, always listening to her, engaged and excited. They had mystery outings, visited farms, had yoga in school, learned how to read. The list went on and on. I soon discovered that the stories were true.

Alice Tropper is a gifted teacher and a gentle soul who wins the hearts of the children she teaches. Her Montessori approach worked wonders for our son Ezra. He transitioned from a clingy little baby to a potty trained, socially considerate little boy within just a few months of starting My Special School. My only regret is that Ezra didn’t have more time at My Special School before we moved to the Netherlands. But this leads me to another important point—Alice stays in touch and the children she has had as students also visit her through the years.

If you have made the decision to enter your child in My Special School, then I congratulate you on a wonderful investment in your child’s education, emotional and social health and ability to express herself/himself clearly.

Kristin Anderson & Arie Jan van der Bom
January, 2012