Parent Testimonial: Susan Rakov & Vince Semonsen

Asher is moving on to Kindergarten after four full years at My Special School, and we want to take this opportunity to thank you for that experience. Asher’s time at school, spanning the key developmental years of his life, has been all we couldĀ have asked for. You have given himĀ  the opportunities and encouragement he has needed to move gracefully through toddlerhood and his preschool years, developing into the beautifully adjusted, creative, inquisitive, active, musical, physical, fantastic little Asher-man that he is today. The community of families you’ve built has offered him, and all of us, a special sense of belonging and friendships that have endured. For all this we thank you. Long may you wave!

Susan Rakov & Vince Semonsen
August, 2007