Parent Testimonial: Kim Selkoe & Ben Halpern

Alice is one of those rare souls on this planet that has the passion, love, patience, and ability to be a tireless and beloved teacher for young kids. She provides structure and discipline in a positive, loving and peaceful way. She makes time for one-on-one learning with each child when she sees s/he is ready for it, whether its potty training, street safety, preparing to become a big sister or brother, reading, writing or math. Alice works hard to give her students a diverse and exciting set of experiences that gets them engaged with the broader community. She instills in the kids a love of life and an adventurous, out-going nature. It is clear she deeply bonds with every one of her students and the kids adore her – graduates now in their teens and college years regularly visit to reconnect with her, which is a remarkable sign of the influence she has had on their lives.

Kim Selkoe & Ben Halpern
January, 2012