Parent Testimonial: The Gislimbertis

Alice, your school culture of inclusivity, compassion and high standards for behaviour helped Roman grow in to the kind and caring human he is today. Your individual attention and work with him was a true high point for us because we knew he was learning how to be patient, how to be a good friend, how to listen to his body, how to focus, in a very dedicated and nurturing environment. From learning how to be potty trained, to riding a sküt bike, then a big boy bike, to comporting himself in public places, he has come so far in these in these few years under your guidance. And the benefits of My Special School don’t end in all the good qualities you have fostered and instilled in Roman. We as parents got the value added benefit of your many years of insight and intelligence. Your depth and breadth of experience and the confidence which this provides you, helped us grow as parents in immeasurable ways. Thank you for always being willing and interested in discussing parenting issues that expanded beyond school issues. That is something we are so grateful for as well. You often refer to the MSS ‘family’ and this is very true for us, we feel so fortunate to be a part of it. Three years ago we entrusted you with the wellbeing of our child when we couldn’t be with him and we have received innumerable benefits to that choice that will last his and our lifetime. Thank you for everything.

The Gislimbertis
August, 2012