Parent Testimonial: Linda Woods

Alice Tropper is not just someone you pay to take care of your child. Your kids will be delighted to spend every day with Alice, someone who truly loves them and cares about their development at this crucial stage. She teaches them how to share, have fun, put things away, the joys of reading and music, respect animals, have adventures, enjoy a good snack and take a lovely nap. Their day is full of all the things you wish you could do for them but you aren’t able to. I never could have felt good about going to work if I didn’t know in my heart that Alice was taking great care of my precious little boy (who is 16 now and definitely not little!) Just the fact that I am still in touch with her all these many years later proves what an amazing person she was to us, a part of our extended family. Austin still remembers many happy times of being at Alice’s school. She’ll always be special to us!

Linda Woods
November, 2012