Jenna Tico, MSS Alumna

Jenna Tico, MSS Alumna
Jenna Tico (21 years next month!)

Jenna has grown into a beautiful, aware, compassionate young woman. I’m so very proud of her as she attends Scripps College, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies in Culture, and will also be receiving a Dance Degree. You go girl! ♥

August, 2011

Hi Alice,

In the past year since you took this photo, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Scripps with degrees in Humanities and Dance. In SB, I spent the summer working at Aldo’s and teaching an improvisational dance class, and also participated in AXIS Dance Company’s physically integrated dance intensive in Oakland, CA. In September, I went to Bali to volunteer as an English teacher at Slukat Learning Center, a free after-school educational program for kids in the rural village of Keramas. After that, I worked on a farm in Thailand for 2 weeks before heading back to Bali, where I’ve been working ever since as a nanny.

Good stuff! Hope to see you when I return!

Lots of love,

Jenna Tico, 22 1/2 yrs.
January 15, 2013