Colby Noakes, MSS Alumnus

Alumni-ColbyNoakesMy son Colby Noakes attended MSS from August 1995 to August 1998.  Colby loved going to preschool.  Alice would always welcome us each morning with a smile.  Alice truly enjoyed seeing Colby every school day.  Alice not only taught academics, she also made sure that there were animals around the school.  Birds, cats, dogs and a tortoise named Yenta.  Yenta is still there!  Today Colby is a wonderful, kind and caring person.  He always made friends easily and is not afraid to try new things.  Colby loves the outdoors, the ocean and our local mountains being two of his favorites.  Colby attended Hope School, La Colina Jr. High and Dos Pueblos High School, even giving a speech at graduation.  He then moved to the big city of San Francisco to attend SFSU.  Colby is now 20 years old and studying to get his degree in Business.  Colby thrives in SF.  SF is so different from SB.  Way bigger and way colder.  Colby had to learn the bus system, not only to get to school, but to the store, Laundromat and downtown.  During the summer, Colby works at the SB Waterfront Department for our great city.  Colby is a wonderful person and we are very proud of him!

Tom Noakes
December, 2012

Colby’s Graduation Speech
June, 2011